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International Institutions

ITC – International Trade Center). This institution, in Geneva, publishes market researches, general country market profiles, bimonthly bulletins (─░nternationalTrade Forum) and answers the special information requests related with export.  www.intracen.org

UN – United Nations. UN is an international organization, established in October 24th, 1945, founded for protecting the world peace, security and establishing international economic, social and cultural cooperation. She publishes statistical series on commerce, industry and various economical subjects and special reports on market development. Besides, UN Economic Commissions prepares statistics and special researches related with the geographical regions they are interested in. www.un.org.tr

FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization. FAO is an organization, with her home office in Rome, founded in 1943 with the purpose of eliminating the hunger and improving the nutrition conditions and became an expertise institution of UN in 1946. She intermediates and helps the governments’ and technical organizations’ projects for developing agriculture, forestry and fishing. She provides technical assistance at the levels of countries in such subjects. She develops educational projects, makes researches and organizes seminars. She consults on subjects such as production, consumption, trade, and storage of agricultural products, developing natural resources, and forestry. She keeps statistics and publishes bulletins. www.fao.org

OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. This organization, to which Turkey is a member too, prepares country economy researches, statistical bulletins and reports in areas such as foreign commerce, industry, science and technology, food, and transportation. www.oecd.org

UNCTAD – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Among the publications of this conference, established in Geneva in 1964, are international commerce, commerce restrictions, commerce preferences. www.unctad.org

IMF –International Monetary Fund. This organization, founded in Brotton Woods, in New Hamsphire state of USA in 1944 and started operations actually in 1947, is an organization which has duties such as monitoring the global financial order, making audits and organizations in subjects such as stock market, exchange rates, payment plans, also providing technical and financial support. Among her publications are national and international foreign exchange deposits, commercial restrictions, foreign commerce, financial and economic developments. www.imf.org